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Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco

  • American Chinese Presbyterian Missionary Society

  • Builder of Christian Artists (BCA)

  • Canaan Lutheran Church

  • Chinese Christian Mission - San Francisco Gospel Center

  • Chinese Grace Baptist Church

  • Chinese Grace Church

  • Chinese Independent Baptist Church of San Francisco

  • Chinese Lutheran Church - San Francisco

  • Chinese United Methodist Church

  • Cornerstone Evangelical Baptist Church

  • Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Church

  • First Chinese Baptist Church of San Francisco

  • First Chinese Southerm Baptist Church

  • Golden Gate Christian Church

  • Grace Evangelical Free Church of San Francisco

  • Lutheran Church of The Holy Spirit

  • Presbyterian Church in Chinatown

  • San Francisco Chinese Alliance Church

  • San Francisco Chinese Baptist Church

  • (Cornerstone Evangelical Baptist) San Francisco Chinese Christian Church

  • San Francisco Chinese Mennonite Church

  • San Francisco Evangelical Free Church

  • San Francisco Grace Christian Church

  • San Francisco Mandarin Baptist Church

  • San Francisco Sunset Chinese Church of the Nazarene

  • Sharon Chinese Baptist Church

  • Sunset Church

  • Temple United Methodist Church

  • The Salvation Army S.F. Chinatown Corps.

San Francisco

North Bay

  • Chinese Christian Mission USA Headquarters

  • Rohnert Park Chinese Christian Church


  • Chinese Church in Christ - Mountain View

  • Christ Church of the Bay Area

  • Community Baptist Church of San Mateo

  • Go International

  • Grace Gospel Christian Church

  • The Home of Christ Church Menlo Park

  • Hope Lutheran Church

  • Peninsula Chinese Alliance Church

  • San Bruno Chinese Church

East Bay

  • Antioch Chinese Gospel Church

  • Arise Church

  • ATC Grace Presbyterian Church of Northern California

  • Bay Area Chinese Bible Church

  • Bay Area Christian Gospel Church

  • Berkeley Chinese Baptist Church

  • Berkeley Chinese Community Church

  • Berkeley Gospel Church of Christ

  • 4C Christ Centered Community Church

  • Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC)

  • Christ Community Chinese Alliance Church

  • Chinese for Christ Church of Hayward

  • Chinese Independence Baptist Church

  • Church of God in Oakland

  • Contra Costa Gospel Church

  • Danwa Chinese Baptist Church

  • East Bay Alliance Church

  • El Cerrito Chinese Christian Church

  • Evangelical Formosan Church of Berkeley

  • Everlasting Life Outreach Ministries of First Presbyterian Church of Richmond

  • First Chinese United Methodist Church

  • Gilead Bible Church

  • Grace Chinese Church

  • Great Commission Christian Church

  • Life Change Baptist Church

  • Modesto CrossPoint Chinese Church

  • South Bay Chinese Gospel Church

  • Spring Valley Chinese Christian Church

  • Tri-Valley Chinese Bible Church

  • Vallejo Chinese Christian Church

North Bay
East Bay

South Bay

  • Agape Asian Mission

  • Ark Baptist Church

  • Asia Christian Traning Service

  • The Salvation Army of Oakland Chinatown

  • Chinese Church in Christ - North Valley

  • Chinese Church in Christ - San Jose

  • Chinese International Mission

  • Chinese Women Today

  • Christian Leadership Institute

  • Christian Witness Theological Seminary

  • Community Baptist Church of San Jose

  • San Jose Cornerstone Evangelical Baptist Church

  • Crosspoint Chinese Church of Silicon Valley

  • Friendship Agape Church

  • Go and Love Foundation

  • Guidepost Gospel Church

  • Herald Grassroots Ministries

  • Home of Christ Church in Saratoga

  • Kwong Wah Baptist Church

  • Lord's Grace Christian Church

  • Mountain View Chinese Christian Church

  • River of Life Christian Church

  • Silicon Valley Alliance Church

  • Southbay Chinese Baptist Church

  • The Church of God in San Francisco

  • The Home of Christ Church in Cupertino

  • The Point Church of the Nazarene

  • World Christian Restaurant Ministries

  • Worldwide Bible Society

  • Chinese for Christ Church of San Jose

South Bay
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