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Why I Became An Author Advocating For The Elderly | Isabel Tom | REDEFINED

12 min   |   English   |  Producer: Crystal Mak | As I Am

Isabel Tom is the author of The Value of Wrinkles, A Young Perspective On How Loving The Old Will Change Your Life. At a young age, Isabel had to come to terms with living in a multigenerational, bilingual household. When she started her first job at a retirement community, her eyes were opened to the world of caring for the elderly. She eventually grew to love older adults and started blogging about her experiences dealing with seniors. This love for writing turned into a journey of writing and publishing a book about changing our perspective on aging and "loving the old." Now, she creates resources teaching people how to care for, honor, and love older adults. Watch how Isabel's faith and background empowered her to write and advocate for the elderly! Learn more about what Isabel's doing here:

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